10 Handy Adobe Acrobat Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Acrobat Tips & Tricks, Keyboard Shortcuts
Although the Adobe Acrobat interface has improved with the latest versions, you might still find Acrobat easier to use with time-saving shortcuts. Try these handy Adobe Acrobat keyboard shortcuts the next time you are creating or editing a PDF:
  • Create PDF from a file: [Ctrl] + NAdobe Acrobat tips, shortcuts for Acrobat, tips and tricks to save time working with PDF documents
  • Change View to Fit Page: [Ctrl] + 0 (zero)
  • Change View to Fit Width: [Ctrl] + 2
  • Show/Hide Grid: [Ctrl] + U
  • Show/Hide Rulers: [Ctrl] + R
  • Find: [Ctrl] + F
  • Insert Pages from File: [Ctrl] + [Shift] + I *
  • Insert Blank Page: [Ctrl] + [Shift] + T *
  • Add Sticky Note: [Ctrl] + 6 *
  • Add Bookmark: [Ctrl] + B *

* Disabled in secured documents

Would you like more handy Adobe Acrobat tips and shortcuts to work with PDF documents? Click here for how-to articles and to grab your own handout of Acrobat keyboard shortcuts.

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