Microsoft Word Long Documents Training Webinar

Unlock the Power of Microsoft Word:
Tips and Techniques for Simplifying and Organizing Long Documents

Sponsored by the Colorado Federal Executive Board

Longer documents such as annual reports, board meeting materials, and other document-heavy projects present bigger challenges to your work in Word as they often require consistent formatting, complex text layout, and more advanced features. In this session, learn how to master Word skills to easily create effective long documents.

Prerequisite: LEVEL 2 – This is an intermediate-level course. Participants should be familiar with creating, editing, formatting, and saving documents in Microsoft Word.

Class tuition is $25.00 per person and includes individual registration and session recording.

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Topics in this Word training webinar include:

  • Building consistent formatting with styles
  • Creating hyperlinks, bookmarks, and cross-references
  • Mastering sections in complex documents
  • Inserting and editing document headers and footers
  • Adding and formatting an automatic table of contents

Refund requests must be made at least 7 days before the webinar. Keep in mind that you will still receive access to the webinar recording even if you cannot attend. Please direct all questions to

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