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Is your organization switching to Microsoft Office 2016 or Office 2019? Are you finally making the move to Windows 7? Is there an upcoming project that requires new software skills? Are “canned” day long classes too long and too irrelevant to what is important to you? Do you only have a few hours to ramp up your software expertise?

Choose from these popular software video training options for Microsoft Office and Windows 7:

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Microsoft Windows 7 Tips, Tricks & Techniques Video Training

Find out about the new and updated features in Windows 7 and take away great secrets, shortcuts, tips and tactics. Plus, the training takes place right at your desktop!

Join Dawn Bjork, a popular software speaker, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), and certified Microsoft Office Master Instructor, to discover what you need to know to easily make the move to Windows 7. Find out how to easily work with and enjoy the new and improved features in Microsoft Windows. Own your own Windows 7 video training today!

Windows 7 is new from the ground up. Whether you’re already using Windows 7 or planning on making the switch, watch and learn to uncover many of the ways Windows 7 is different from earlier versions. In this tips-packed training session, you will learn techniques in Microsoft Windows 7 to customize and organize your work, and streamline your business productivity including:

Windows 7 Tips and Tricks video training
  • Explore the new and enhanced features on the Windows 7 desktop
  • Make the most of the enhanced Taskbar and new Start menu
  • Find out how to manage files, folders, and new Libraries in Windows 7
  • Discover fun and useful tricks with Aero Peek, Snap, Shake, and Windows Flip
  • …and much more!

Who Should Watch and Learn: This video, recorded live from my popular Windows 7 webinars, is designed for anyone familiar with Windows XP or Windows Vista who wants to upgrade to the new and improved features of Windows 7. Ideal for all Windows desktop users, IT support, and help desk staff.

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Windows 7 Tips, Tricks & Techniques Video Training (1 hour)
(video download: $37) **
Includes participant handout and session recording

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Windows 7 Tips, Tricks & Techniques Video Training (1 hour)
(video CD: $37 + S&H)
Includes participant handout and session recording