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To build your Microsoft PowerPoint skills, choose from these popular PowerPoint training sessions (virtual or in-person) or create a custom workshop:

My PowerPoint presentations are 100% better and much more effective because of the interesting and engaging presentation and great tips!
Kathy M.
Colorado Society of Association Executives (CSAE)

Are You Ready to Be More Productive with PowerPoint?

Let’s connect to talk about creating your custom Microsoft PowerPoint training programs or conference sessions for skill levels ranging from foundation (beginning) to advanced as well as targeted, project-specific education.

Your virtual training gave me the intuitiveness and confidence to think outside the box and apply something new, and it worked!
Heather J. Mowry, MPA
State of Oregon

These PowerPoint training and speaking topics may be combined to create customized education solutions ranging from 45-minute presentations, hands-on online Learning Labs, one to two-hour virtual training classes, Lunch & Learn PowerPoint presentation sessions, or half-day to full-day workshops:

Microsoft Certified Trainer, MCT
Certified Virtual Presenter, CVP

Presentation Success: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of PowerPoint

“Yay! Another slide!” said nobody, ever. You’ve probably heard the expression, “Death by PowerPoint.” People acknowledge it, laugh about it, and hate it when they are in the audience, yet many continue to be guilty of doing it themselves! How many times have you been bored, confused, or frustrated by ineffective, poorly designed PowerPoint presentations? How can presenters avoid “Death by PowerPoint” and other presentation sins? Discover the secrets and best practices for creating and delivering your message with a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Exploring 4 key parts to a PowerPoint presentation
  • Saving time with the PowerPoint Master Slide
  • Improving presentations with tips for working with bullet slides
  • Adding and using effective graphics
  • Exploring insider secrets to deliver a PowerPoint presentation professionally

Recommended Session Length: 45 to 120 minutes (customized to audiences and organizations). Longer, hands-on training sessions are also available on key topics in Microsoft PowerPoint.

It’s rare to attend a presentation in which the takeaways will literally save me hundreds of hours in improved productivity well into the future. The tips you shared are sure to do this for me and many others.
Steve Krueger, CPPO, CPPB
Procurement & Capital Projects Manager

Spark Presentation Magic by Increasing Engagement with PowerPoint

Ready to take the next steps with your PowerPoint presentations? In this session, explore tips to help you prepare, practice, and present more engaging presentations. Also, learn how to create compelling graphics with just a few clicks, understand and apply animation, add multimedia to your presentations, and work with new features in PowerPoint to easily create more interest and engagement.

  • Applying easy techniques to transform boring bullets into appealing graphics
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence design features in PowerPoint 365
  • Building interest with SmartArt
  • Engaging audiences with transitions, animation, and hyperlinks
  • Understanding when and how to use audio and video

Note: This course is often presented as Part Two following the How to Avoid the Pitfalls of PowerPoint session or they are combined together for a longer, hands-on workshop.

Recommended Session Length: 45 to 120 minutes (customized to audiences and organizations). Longer, hands-on training sessions are also available on key topics in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint: Custom

Build your own customized conference session or training course (on-site or virtual) to focus on the Microsoft PowerPoint and presentation skills that are essential to help your team and organization get the results they need.

Dawn’s presentation style is fun, interactive, and incorporates a variety of creative training techniques. I highly recommend Dawn not only as an excellent presenter but as a Microsoft expert!
Don Marquez
Director of Training & Development / Denver Water

Bring a PowerPoint Expert to Your Office or Next Meeting

Quickly build Microsoft PowerPoint expertise within your office, department, or work team by bringing Dawn to your next meeting for virtual or in-person computer training and seminars. Add valuable educational sessions by adding a Microsoft certified expert, Certified Virtual Presenter (CVP), and software conference speaker to your organization or association meetings and conferences. Or, create customized virtual training for expert training without travel.

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