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Spending hours trying to accomplish something you know can be done quickly? Keyboard shortcuts and how-to-steps to increase your software productivity.

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Clear & easy software tips, tricks, and techniques. Simplify your life, be more productive, save money, and make better decisions with the Microsoft programs you use most!

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How often have you looked at a software problem and thought … There has to be a better way?!?

There is a better way! Is your team wasting too much time fighting with new features in Microsoft Office? Do you need to learn skills to handle new or complex projects? Do your Microsoft Office programs seem too complicated and not intuitive? Discover smart and easy tips, tricks, and techniques to use your software and technology more effectively. Choose training designed to increase productivity, build your skills, maximize results, and improve your bottom line! Look to Dawn Bjork, a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Certified Virtual Presenter (CVP), and certified software expert for your customized solutions to be more productive with Microsoft Office and other key programs.

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Dawn Bjork, The Software Pro®, helps you focus on people over technology, strategies over features. Dawn is a specialist in software productivity, a technology speaker, and a chosen expert for the software programs you use every day including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Office 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Windows 10, Adobe Acrobat, and more! This is your one-stop solution for productivity speaking and training as well as useful, time-saving, software tips, tricks, and techniques! Contact Dawn to book your next training or speaking event.

Thank you, Dawn. We received tremendous feedback that your presentation on the new features of Microsoft Office and Windows was very dynamic, interesting, and very informative. The strong points of your presentation were how you interacted with the audience, and your expertise and enthusiasm on the subject.
London Matusiak
Marketing Manager / Vitech Systems Group

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