10 Handy Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

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As more organizations are moving to Microsoft Office 365 and adopting Microsoft Teams as a collaboration tool, it can be a bit overwhelming to take on and learn yet one more application. How can you be more productive and save time working with Microsoft Teams? Try these handy Teams keyboard shortcuts:

Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts, how to save time working with Microsoft Teams
  • Show keyboard shortcuts onscreen: [Ctrl] + . (period)
  • Start a new chat: [Ctrl] + N
  • Open Activity: [Ctrl] + 1 *
  • Open Chat: [Ctrl] + 2 *
  • Open Teams: [Ctrl] + 3 *
  • Open Meetings: [Ctrl] + 4 *
  • Open Calls: [Ctrl] + 5 *
  • Open Files: [Ctrl] + 6 *
  • Start audio call: [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C
  • Start video call: [Ctrl] + [Shift] + U

* If your organization has customized the Teams sidebar, these shortcuts may behave differently. For instance, [Ctrl] + 1 moves to the top or first icon or option in the sidebar, regardless of its function. By default, this is Activity, yet this shortcut will move to the first icon, which may be Chat or another option.

To find out more about Microsoft Teams, check out my article on “What is Microsoft Teams?” and grab your own handout of Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts.

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