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How can you be more productive working with Microsoft Windows? The Windows key gives you quick access to easy Windows shortcuts. Pressing the Windows key alone (shown below as ) or in combination with other keys enables you to move around and work with Windows without using the mouse or other pointing device.

Note: Look for the Windows key to the left of the [Spacebar] (usually between the [Ctrl] and [Alt] keys).

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Try these Windows keyboard shortcuts and download your own handout of Windows shortcuts:

  • Open and close the Start menu: WIN key 
  • Open the Computer window (Windows Explorer): WIN key  + E
  • Show the Desktop (minimize all windows): WIN key  + D
  • Switch users or lock desktop: WIN key  + L
  • Maximize the current window: WIN key  + Up Arrow
  • Open the Project window (when connected to an external display or projector): WIN key  + P

For more time-saving Microsoft Windows techniques, find additional shortcuts, tips, and tricks at TheSoftwarePro.com/Windows.

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