Microsoft Certified Trainer: 10 Years and Counting!

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I’ve held some form of Microsoft certification since I was certified as a Microsoft Product Specialist back in the ’90s. (I’ve been geeky for a long time!) When the Microsoft Office Specialist Master (MOSM) Instructor certification was changed, the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) certification took its place. I’m proud to have recently received recognition as Microsoft Certified Trainer for 10 years.

Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are an exclusive group of Microsoft technical training professionals. Each year, Microsoft requires that we all re-certify our qualifications which include:

  • Possess a current Microsoft IT certification. A number of technical certifications qualify, including Microsoft Office Specialist Master (MOSM).
  • Ongoing verification of instructional skills.
  • Validated high level of instructional quality.

The MCT certification is an excellent way to prove expertise with a wide range of IT training skills. In addition, Microsoft offers a variety of useful resources:

  • Microsoft training materials.
  • MCT prep kits.
  • Microsoft software and services.
  • Courseware support.
  • … and other valuable benefits.

Learn more about the Microsoft Certified Trainer program and certification.

Are you an IT training professional? Consider adding MCT to your skills and qualifications. Do you hire IT training experts? Choose a qualified MCT (such as me) for your training programs.

When I received my 5 and 10-year MCT certificates, I received a nifty reward. Check this out along with other geeky stuff.

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