Easy Ways to Unmute Yourself During Virtual Meetings

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Given how much we now use virtual training and meeting platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, it’s likely you’ve tried to speak up once or twice while muted. Speaking while you’re on mute can be a frustrating part of the way we communicate today in virtual meetings. Yet, there are some easy solutions. For your next Zoom or Teams meeting, try these unmute shortcuts.

Teams & Zoom Unmute Shortcuts

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Instead of searching for your mouse cursor and clicking the unmute or audio button, try these audio shortcuts the next time you hear, “Hey, you’re muted!”

  • Microsoft Teams: Tap the [Spacebar] to unmute yourself, then press it again to mute.
    Or, use [Ctrl] +[Shift] + M to toggle the Mute option.
  • Zoom: Press and hold down the [Spacebar] to unmute yourself temporarily (like a walkie-talkie, this is a push-to-talk feature).
    Or, press [Alt] + A to toggle the Mute option.

Other Easy Teams & Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

Now you have some easy solutions for the next time you hear, “Hey, you’re muted!”

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