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Let’s look at 3 ways the [Shift] key can help you to be more productive when creating, moving, and rotating shapes and objects in a PowerPoint presentation. Or, watch this short video on these handy PowerPoint shortcuts:

Tip #1: Creating a Perfectly Proportioned Shape

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In PowerPoint, hold down the [Shift] key when drawing a shape to create a perfectly proportioned circle, square, or another object.

To create a perfectly proportional shape in PowerPoint:

  1. In PowerPoint, move to the slide where you want to add the shape. Choose Insert > Shapes, and pick the shape you want to draw such as a rectangle, oval, or star.
  2. Click into the location on the slide where you want the shape.
  3. Next, press and hold down the [Shift] key while drawing the shape with your mouse. PowerPoint will “constrain” your drawing to an equally proportional shape.
  4. When you have the size you want, release the mouse and then release the [Shift] key.

Bonus Tip: And, here’s another PowerPoint shortcut to try. Hold down the [Shift] key to also draw perfectly straight lines, either horizontal, vertical, or at 45 degrees.

Tip #2: Keeping a Shape in Alignment When Moving

If you want to move an object, shape, or image on your slide, hold down [Shift] while using the mouse to drag the object. This ensures the object only moves across a horizontal or vertical axis. Pretty cool, huh?

Tip #3: Controlling Rotation

Although the rotation of a shape can be quite specific, there may be times when you want an easy rotation trick. To quickly rotate an object, hold down [Shift] while rotating (use the round arrow at the top of the selected object). This [Shift] trick will allow you to turn the shape or image with 15-degree increments.

Bonus Tip: For other rotation options, select the shape, choose the Shape Format tab, and then pick from Rotate choices.

Which of these PowerPoint shortcuts will you try?

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