Microsoft Word: 8 Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity

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One of the big time wasters in Microsoft Word is scrolling through lengthy files to move to a specific location in the document. How can you be more productive moving through Word documents? What Word navigation keyboard shortcuts will save you time?

Microsoft Word navigation keyboard shortcuts; Word keyboard shortcutsTry these handy Microsoft Word navigation keyboard shortcuts the next time you want fast ways to move in your longer Word documents:

  • Go to the end of a document: [Ctrl]+[End]
  • Go to the beginning of a document: [Ctrl]+[Home]
  • Go to the bottom of a screen: [Ctrl]+[Page Down]
  • Go to the top of a screen: [Ctrl]+[Page Up]
  • Go to a specified location (page, bookmark, section): [Ctrl]+G or [F5]
  • Go back to the current and last 3 editing positions: [Shift]+[F5]
  • Go to the next open document window: [Ctrl]+[F6]
  • Go to specified text-Find: [Ctrl]+F
Grab your own copy of my Microsoft Word keyboard shortcut handouts to move, select, edit, and format at:
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